Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm not an alcoholic

I can't believe I woke up drunk.

Now, I drink a lot. I'm going to the rated #1 party school in the nation - I gotta keep up this name. However, never in my life have I actually woke up drunk before. I guess I had way more than I usually do. But at least I met some really cool people. And I was also in a picture with four other girls who I don't know but that's totally cool. It's whatever. Whatever.


  1. Happens to me quite often, actually.
    When you wake up and can't stand on your own two feet, well, that's a sign of a good party! :D
    Following and supporting!

  2. If you had fun, and can actually remember the fun, then everything is alright.
    But, you drank a lot because you got to keep your reputation of drinking a lot alive?

  3. It happens to me quite often as well! Depends how long you sleep though.

  4. @Fang Haha no, that's just the joke going around at this school. We all drink anyway so we just pretend it's because we don't want to lose our title as #1 party school in the nation.

  5. No problem here, weekends are as weekends do. Also, if by number 1 party school you mean Arizona then you'll probably need STD tests weekly.